The Scalf Family Genealogy Site

hosted by Stephen Scalf


Goal: The ultimate (far-fetched) goal of this site is to find out how all the Scalfs in the world are related to each other.

What I Offer
: A database listing of as many Scalfs as I can find.  As you provide your information, I will update the database.

Why participate
: This is a hobby of mine.  I do it for fun.  Therefore, I provide my information free of charge. The more Scalfs who provide information, the more accurate the database will become.
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Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is to provide you with clues and a starting point to assist you in your research. Information on this site should NOT be considered proof of lineage. Because this is a collection of others' research, I can make no claims to the accuracy of the information posted here, regardless of the sources listed. The intent is to provide information submitted to me from various sources to serve as a quick and easy reference. If you should find errors on this site, remember, except where specifically noted, it is not MY research. If you provide documentation, I will gladly correct the errors, provide a note of explanation, and list you (or the document) as the source of the information.

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