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Bob Scalf's excellent site.  In my opinion, the best site to get information about the Scalf family history.

     > Margaret Fleenor's "The Scalf Family in America"
     > Elmer D. Scalf's "Scalf Family History"
     > Henry P. Scalf's "The Chronicles of the Scalf Family"
     > Powerful search engine for the entire site
     > Actual images and transcripts from census and cemetery records
     > And much more

This is a "must see" website

Scalf Family Genealogy Forum

This is a great place to post questions.  Most search engines direct to this site when you do a search for "Scalf".  Good place to get your questions and comments seen.  And if you have the answers, it's a great place to help out other seekers.

Bonus:  This site protects your e-mail address against distribution to automatic e-mail retrievers that put you on SPAM mailing lists.

I keep my database with Personal Ancestry File 5.1   You can download a free copy of it at this link.

FamilySearch provides access to the LDS Church's genealogical records.  It's a huge database, but it was submitted by folks like you and me (meaning there are occasional errors).  Just keep in mind that it isn't verified information, just because it appears on this site

Jean Purvis' - Descendants of Edward Scarfe

A lot of work has gone into gathering information and presenting it online.  This site is a good source of old family photographs.

Gladys Schuerg's - Descendants of Edward Scarfe

One of the best sites for information about the Scalph lines




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