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Note for:   Nannie Mae Glover,   8 Jun 1853 - 19 Feb 1908         Index

Birth Note: Source:    Chapter II - David S. Scalf

Birth Note: Source:    District 16, Sullivan, Tennessee Census

Death Note: Source:

Individual Note:
     Name: Some records show her first name as "Nancy"
Birth: Birth place from 1880 District 16, Sullivan, Tennessee census.
Burial: Buried in Jones Cemetery, Sullivan County, Tennessee

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Note for:   Joshua Henry Scalf,   16 Mar 1880 - 18 Oct 1944         Index

Nickname:   Doc

     Place:   Hopkins Cemetery, Laurel, Kentucky, USA

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Note for:   Thomas James Scalf,   23 Dec 1891 - Jun 1967         Index

Death Note: Source:    Issued in Washington
Death residence zip code 98408

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Note for:   Archibald Scalf,   1870 -          Index

Birth Note: Source:    District 13, Washington, Tennessee Census

Individual Note:
     Birth: Birthdate from IGI was 25 Dec 1872; however, 1880 census indicates George was born in 1872, and Archibald in 1870.

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Note for:   Arminda Scalf,   1857 -          Index

Birth Note: Source:    1880 Census - Jackson, Putnam, Missouri
Age listed as 23, birthplace as Missouri

Individual Note:
     Elmer D. Scalf records name as "Amanda"

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Note for:   Barbara Ellen Scalf,   1872 -          Index

Birth Note: Source:    Powell, Scott, Virginia Census

Individual Note:
     Name: Listed in 1880 census as "Barbary E. Scalf"

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Note for:   Barton Scalf,   5 Nov 1786 -          Index

     Place:   St. James Protestant Episcopal Parrish

Birth Note: Source:    Call #0014351; IT 3

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Note for:   Ceely Ann Koziah,    -          Index

Individual Note:
     Elmer D. Scalf lists her Surname as Hoziah

From Deborah Cavel-Greant []

"The Casiahs/Cosiahs/Kezziahs were originally Tuscarora Indian. Some of us still are. My line of the family spoke the Tuscarora language up until my generation. We are enrolled members of the Tuscarora Tribe.

"The Casiah name is found in the early history of Bertie, Chowan and Hertford Counties of NC. Unlike many European surnames adopted and used by the Tuscarora, Casiah appears to have been drawn directly from Skarure, the Tuscaroran's Native language.

Blair Rudes Tuscarora English Dictionary
-(i)yhnu- : ke,'yhnu:? literal translation , Colonial records (Gallatin - refering to Cashie (Cash-eye) River -

"The pronunciation of ke,'yhnu:? is: keh-hsh-ungh with a glottal stop on the end. This shows why Quishia, Kizziah, Keziah, Coziah, or Cashiah could have been good choices to represent the spelling, and why it was hard to pin down an exact spelling.

"The Cashia name enters land records in Chowan Co NC in 1707. John Lawson refered to the Cashia River in his 1709 book as the "Keja" River. There are over 25 documented variations of the spelling of Casiah in the Deed books of Chowan, Bertie and Rowan counties, including 'Quishia'."

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Note for:   Benjamin F. Scalf,   23 Feb 1814 - 14 Jul 1889         Index

Birth Note: Source:    Call #1553418

Individual Note:
     DEATH: LDS IGI records show Benjamin's death on 8 Mar 1870 in Millersburg, Indiana

NAME: Margaret Fleenor lists him as Benjamin Scalf, Jr. LDS IGI records list him as Benjamin F. Scalf. I have combined the two until I can determine which is most accurate.